Have you ever noticed mould or mildew growing inside your home?

Mould and mildew loves a damp, moist environment, especially in areas such as your bathroom. It could also be found behind your washing machine or on the ceiling in the laundry?

You can usually smell mildew and mould as it has a distinctive musty odour and this is a warning sign that it is time to eliminate the problem before it becomes a health hazard. You may think that a runny nose and congestion is a result of a change in temperature but it could also be caused by mould spores. Mould can even bring on asthma or respiratory illnesses. It’s unsightly, dangerous and needs eradicating. Using bleach to remove mould doesn’t kill the growth it just bleaches the surface. The solution to your mould and mildew problem is Wet & Forget Indoor.

Hints to help prevent mould growing inside your home:

1. Always leave the washing machine door (front loader) or lid (top loader) open after each use to prevent mould building up in the gasket or rubber seal area.

2. Watch for mould building up on hard surfaces such as windows, door frames, ceilings and walls caused by condensation forming.

3. Check behind your curtains and furniture as it can hide there as well. Condensation forms when steam settles on a cold surface, so wipe away any condensation that has settled on these surfaces.

4. Ventilation is vital, so leave the windows open a little in the laundry when using your dryer, when you are showering and also when cooking up a storm. Better still use your extraction devises to remove the steam where possible.

5. Clean your kitchen bin with Wet & Forget Indoor to remove any mould and mildew that can form, it will also sanitise the bin as well.

6. Dry out damp situations especially areas like basements.

7. Keep humidity under control the best you can.

Handy reminders where mould can grow:

Dampness and humidity feeds mould and mildew, particularly in steamy areas such as your bathroom and laundry. In the kitchen it can be found under the sink or at the back of cupboards or bin. In the bedroom, behind curtains and on window frames. You may even have mould growing between wall cavities which is very hard to detect. Mould can grow anywhere if the conditions are right.

Benefits for using Wet & Forget Indoor:

• Comes in a 2 Litre ready to use bottle with an easy to use spray applicator.

• Kills mould and mildew and inhibits the re-growth.

• Cleans, sanitises and deodorises all in one.

• It kills those nasty germs that can make us very sick such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica, Serratia marcescens.

• It doesn’t contain any bleach so there are no harsh fumes when cleaning your surfaces.