Black mould can be a real problem and becomes worse and multiplies over the winter months. Once the surface area is treated with Wet & Forget you may find that the black mould changes colour. This is what we refer to as, the stages of Wet & Forget!


The Stages Of Wet & Forget Application on Black Mould

Black Colour

Black mould is one of the most common growths found on all outdoor surface areas. Especially concrete and pebblecrete driveways, sandstone flagging, pavers in a courtyard or stone tiles around a pool. Most people mistake the grey/black colouring for dirt.The general rule of thumb is, if you cannot sweep it away, it's black mould.

The photo below shows black mould & moss before being treated with Wet & Forget.



Orange colour

When treating black mould the growth may turn a brown/orange colour when you first apply the Wet & Forget. This is a normal reaction and in fact a very good reaction as it is an indication that the application of Wet & Forget has actually gone to work immediately and killed the growth. It will change back to a light grey and then over time it will slowly decompose. The process will take a good 4-6 months.

The photo below shows the growth turning a brown/orange colour just after Wet & Forget was applied.


Photo below shows a mould free surface 4 months after Wet & Forget application!