Is your timber deck looking mouldy?

Mould can be a problem on all different types of decks. Mould reproduces by making spores and airborne mould spores are commonly found in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Our top tips for cleaning your deck:

1. Sweep any loose dirt or leaves off your deck.

2. Apply Wet & Forget or Rapid Application according to the bottle instructions. Both products do exactly the same job!

3. Leave, and over time the weather will decompose the dead growth. The time frame is different for every situation. To give you an example light green growth will go within a couple of days to few weeks, whereas black mould will take a 4-6 months to decompose. If your deck is really badly contaminated a second application a month after the first would be necessary.

4. If you want to fasten up the process, you can sweep the deck occasionally as this will help dislodge the dead growth from any nodes in the timber. The other option is to give the deck a light waterblast a month after the initial application as this will remove the dead growth and you will have some residual still in the surface to help stop any premature regrowth.

5. If you normally oil your deck you can do it once all the dead growth has been removed.

6. If you normally seal your deck you can do it with Bone Dry once the dead growth is decomposed. You can apply Bone Dry to any weathered timber surfaces. Bone Dry is a penetrating sealer which is a water and stain repellent.


Wet & Forget or Rapid Application can be used on any type of exterior decks including natural timber such as treated Pine, Jarrah, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Merbau and Stringy Bark along with Modwood or Composite decks.

Once you have done the initial application and the mould has gone, just re-apply at the first sign of regrowth! The good news is that when you use Wet & Forget the second time, the clean up will occur within weeks if it's used as a maintenance tool. The first big clean up is always the longest.

NB: Wet & Forget will not penetrate through sealers or oil as it is a water based product, so make sure the mould you are trying to treat is surface mould.