See photo taken on my roof - no need to tell you which areas have had a dose of 'Wet & Forget' and which areas haven't!

I'm now looking forward to getting the job completed. After removal of 41 years worth of accumulated lichen, it will be like having a new roof.

I'll be recommending your product to several friends who have similar problems on their roof. 


After years of cleaning the ceiling of my double carport with sugar soap and bleach and having to use gloves, a stepladder and sponges etc. I decided to use Wet & Forget and to spray the ceiling with water a few times after it dried. 
Within a week the main ceiling was free of all the dirt and gunk except for the ceiling above a fountain, but within another two weeks the whole ceiling was as white as new. WHAT A WONDERFUL PRODUCT no more back breaking cleaning chores for me. Thank you for suppling this product to the public.  



My personal affirmation of the success of the "Wet and Forget' product that 2GB advertises. My elderly parents live on the South Coast where they have problem with green and slippery paths in their back gardens. Both need walking sticks, so slippery paths like this are extremely dangerous - when visiting I brought down my Wet and Forget bottle and within days the algae had died and completely disappeared within the week - and remains so. They were extremely impressed with the product and I was extremely grateful to avoid any potential accidents.
Regards Sharon


Hi Guys- just wanted to provide you some positive feedback on Wet and Forget. I treated backyard pavers in June and noticed a difference after first couple of months. Now the pavers look as good as new. In addition I treated some garden wall bricks. Bottom layer was filthy with algae and mould growth and top relatively new. Now its hard to tell the difference with whole wall looking new. I still have a container left and will be treating the concrete drive in next few days. Thanks again for such a good product.
R Andrew Bishop

We cleaned up our family graves in the Nimbin Cemetery with “Wet & Forget”. Prior to using “Wet & Forget” the graves were as black as those in the background. Our family graves go back 60 years. We are absolutely delighted with how “Wet & Forget” cleaned up our family graves. 
Thank you for supplying such a wonderful product.
Norm & Bernice