BBQ Cleaning
I was cleaning my kitchen yesterday. Remembered your ad about shower witch around the barbeque. Used it on top of the pantry where it was all greasy, FANTASTIC 5 minutes wiped it off , then I got enthused and used it on the range hood, unbelievable results. Sprayed on stainless steel benchtop wiped off, wiped over with soapy water and polished with a stainless cloth. Grimey walls no problem. Add that to your list of uses for shower witch. 
Cheers, Shayne

Bathroom Cleaning
I purchased Shower Witch last week on line and it was delivered Friday. I used it this morning and after 4 hours decided to hose it off and see how things looked! Amazing is the only word to describe how our old fibreglass shower looks! I wish I had taken before and after photos so I could show you the difference. We are on spring water which stains badly. I have tried EVERY product on the market, bought fancy scrubbers and used lots of elbow greease but this has worked without any effort. I will be back to buy some more and will recommend it to my friends. 
Thanks, Lynne

Shower Cleaning
Hey there....have purchased shower witch & luv the product ♥ I find it amazing!!!I.....I have spruked its qualities to all my friends & to staff at work, relentlessly actually, LOL... they are purchasing to see what all the fuss is about ...a question...can u purchase a larger container?... already have the dispenser so thinking it would be a budget consideration to make a refill container available???....thanx for making a working womans housekeeping soooo much more pleasant!!!...I applaud u  :)  
kind regards Di

Hi. My shower had soap and gunge build up on it when bought the property, I had tried for 4 years to remove it with a variety of shower and other cleaners but shower witch took it off in 4 days. Wow! What a difference. It sparkles. 
Thanks for a great product. Mary

Kitchen Grease
It is el supremo at dissolving kitchen grease.  Even stuff jif just gets bogged down in gets dissolved in an instant. I was amazed at even on walls a light spray and wipe with a handy towel already damp with shower witch did the trick. We had some baskets that sit on top of the pantry (that have recipe books in) that were pretty grimy so I took them outside gave them a good soaking and after 10 min a hose off , cleaned them like they were new. I'm amazed.
Cheers, Shane

Great Product
I just wanted to let you know how fantastic a product Shower Witch is. I have never found a product so effective.
THANKS!!!!!! :-) Jacki

Shower Scrub

My wife took some Shower Witch home to clean the bath room, and one day my wife says to me “did I scrub the shower” and I replied “darling we have been married 30 years and I have never scrubbed the shower”. She then mentioned that she had used the Shower Witch the day before and it looks like it had been scrubbed. I assured her that it was not me! 
Will Waterford