Did you know Wet & Forget can be used on any type of roof? 

Terracotta tile, concrete tile, slate tile, clay tile, colorbond, steel/metal,  polycarbonate, wood shingles, asphalt shingles, and more!

Wet & Forget does not contain any bleach, chlorine or acid and therefore, is suitable to apply to any roof surface area without damaging it.  If your roof tiles are dirty there is no need to replace them, this could cost you thousands and thousands of dollars.  All you need to do is Wet & Forget them! 

You will be amazed just like our customer Eric Heideman, at the results of using Wet & Forget to clean your roof.

Gutters and downpipes, made of colorbond, steel or aluminium, no worries!! 

No bleach, no acid, therefore, no corrosion on metal surface areas like your gutters and downpipes.  Don't forget the eaves too!

No costly expense or repairs needed, just Wet & Forget the growth away!!

To find out more about what type of growth you have on your roof and how to apply Wet & Forget to your roof, click here