It's easy, just Wet & Forget them!!

Some of the most common materials used for headstones and graves are marble, stone and concrete. Moss, mould and lichen are the growths normally found on and around graves and headstones. Wet & Forget will remove these growths and help make the surface look clean again!


Moss is a green, carpet like simple growth that can grow on a wide variety of outdoor surfaces.  Moss usually grows in dense clumps on and around tombstones and graves. The moss root structures like to hold tightly in the cracks and crevices possibly causing more damage to the surface area of graves. Wet & Forget will treat the growth real quick!

Black Mould

Black mould is the most common growth found on graves and tombstones. It can appear in streaks or patches, it tends to make the area look dirty and unsightly!  Black mould is tough to get rid of, Wet & Forget will kill the spores and over time the growth will decompose leaving the surface of the graves and tombstones clean. It will take a good 4-6 months to decompose.


Lichen can be many different colours, green, yellow, white and even red!  Lichen is a very hardy growth and is extremely difficult to remove and treat.  It can cause significant pitting on any surface area it infests! The safe, bleach free, way to treat and remove lichen is by applying Wet & Forget. No scrubbing, no water blasting, Wet & Forget does the hard work for you! Lichen requires two applications. Spot spray the Lichen clumps first then go over the entire surface within 15 minutes. The first application is to dissolve the waxy surface. The 2nd spray will then penetrate the lichen. It will take a good 9-12 months for the lichen growth to fully decompose.


Customer Testimonials

 To  “Wet & Forget”

I’m emailing you a photo of our family graves in the Nimbin Cemetery which we cleaned up with “Wet & Forget”. Prior to using “Wet & Forget” the graves were as black as those in the background. Our family graves go back 60 years. We are absolutely delighted with how “Wet & Forget” cleaned up our family graves.

Thank you for supplying such a wonderful product.

Yours sincerely,

Norm & Bernice R



In August I went to see our damaged family graves in Queensland. They looked much better after cleaning up so well after I used Wet & Forget. All the family are very happy with the results. So am I, great product, next to do is the roof and concrete.