There’s a chill in the air, and you’re probably busy with plans for school holidays. Did you think about getting rid of moss, mould, lichen or algae on your path, pavers or patio and have not got around to it? It’s not too late! Autumn can be the perfect time to apply Wet & Forget.

Shorter days and less sunlight are also a trigger for mould to grow outside. It doesn’t discriminate where it grows, however mould prefers those areas that are damp and that don’t get much sun. Autumn usually brings more rain which is another reason for mould to grow. Now is the perfect time to kill off any of that ugly black mould or slippery green moss that maybe starting to grow before it gets worse. Don’t forget Wet & Forget or Rapid Application can be used as a preventative over the Winter months as well. Just let Wet & Forget do the work for you, and your home will be ready for Spring!

Our Autumn Handy Hints

1. Mould can grow on any exterior surface for example - timber fencesconcrete drives and pathsbrick walls, pavers, around the pool or even on your planter pots. Just spray the area with Wet & Forget or Rapid Application and watch it disappear over time.

2. Steps around your entrance can become slippery with algae, especially if the area is shaded, so now is the best time to address the issue to save any Winter slips and falls.

3. You may also start to move some of your pot plants into different positions to catch some much needed Autumn sun. This can sometimes uncover mould that has been lurking underneath them. Well it's time for a little attention with some Wet & Forget. Don’t forget to keep your statues, sculptures and garden gnomes looking their best, spray them with Wet & Forget as soon as you notice any moss or mould appearing.

4. Make a trip to your family grave stones for an Autumn clean up, spraying Wet & Forget now is the perfect time to see beautiful pristine grave stones in time for Summer.

5. We are often asked about cleaning outside awnings that don’t get much sun. The solution is Rapid Application our new hose end moss and mould remover. There's no need for climbing up on ladders anymore or mixing it into a garden sprayer. All you need to do is attach your garden hose and spray away.

6. Clean up your entertaining area ready for Spring. Apply Wet & Forget or Rapid Application now, so while you are hibernating inside over the cooler Autumn and Winter days, Wet & Forget will be going to work removing all that biological build up ready for Spring!

7. Trim back overhanging foliage from your path or patio to allow the light in. By doing this it will help prevent mould buildup on those hard surfaces.