We all go about our everyday lives without giving hidden germs a second thought! 

The general perception regarding germs is, if it doesn't look dirty it's not!  This is the greatest misconception! In fact, the worst type of germs are the ones you cannot see, they are microscopic. They are all around us and can make us very sick! 

How many people live in your house? How many times does everyone in the household open the fridge door, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks……….several times a day!! They have probably been handling hot and cold food or preparing raw food and cooked foods! What were they doing before opening and closing the fridge door?  Greeting a child that has just come home from school or touched the family pet!!  How many germs have just been transferred by these normal everyday activities?  What about the door handles, everyone opens and closes the doors to all the rooms in the house, including the bathroom door!  Does everyone wash their hands before opening and closing the door?  The remote control is touched and used by every member of the household!!  School Children bring home a multitude of germs every day! Do you clean their plastic toys and swing sets, often?

Listed below are examples of areas where there are a multitude of hidden germs we never think about cleaning on a regular basis.  Disinfect and sanitise once a week with Wet & Forget Indoor, the perfect solution to treat those nasty germs and bacteria on all hard surface areas in your home!!


Fridge seals (perfect environment for mould to grow)

Door knobs (transfer of germs, especially if someone is sick)

Toothbrush holder (perfect breeding ground for bacteria)

The refrigerator handle (one of the dirtiest surface in the whole house!)

Light switches


Handles & Taps (throughout the whole house, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen)

Desk & Drawers (everyday we sit at a desk or open the dresser drawers)

Telephone & Mobiles


Remote controls

Behind the toilet

Pet door

Washing machine & dryer doors

Children's play areas (swing sets, slippery slide, plastic toys)

Lid on the bin

Handbags (do you place it on the kitchen bench where you are about to prepare food for the family?)

Bath Towels & kitchen tea towels


Soap Dispenser in the kitchen and bathroom