Remove it all with Wet & Forget!

Autumn is certainly the time for rain and lots of it!  With the rain we often see the unsightly appearance of algae, moss and mould growing all over the outdoor surfaces of our homes. If left untreated, these growths will continue to grow and take over your outdoor surface areas. Which can lead to the surface area becoming very slippery and dangerous, therefore, your paths or driveways can become a safety risk if left untreated! 

Ugly Algae

Algae can be black or green in colour, green being the most common. It thrives anywhere where there is moisture, green algae is especially happy in a shady damp environment. Therefore, a wet season is the perfect time for algae to appear on your concrete paths, driveways decks, roofs or walls! Not to mention, it can make the outside look ugly!

The good news is, Wet & Forget can treat the green algae fairly quickly, in most cases the green algae will fully decompose in a few weeks!

Stubborn Moss

Moss is a thick green carpet like growth which can grow everywhere during cold, damp weather. Most common areas to find this moss growth is on a rockery, bricks, paved paths (can make the path slippery), driveways and even in the lawn!

Simply apply Wet & Forget, it will treat the moss very quickly, you may notice a change in colour(orangey brown), this is an indication that the Wet & Forget has done its job, killed the moss and over time the moss will decompose.  

 Murky Mould

Mould can be slippery, it can also have a distinct pungent damp smell, it can be black or  grey in colour and it thrives and multiplies easily.  Mould can grow absolutely anywhere the environmental conditions are just right! Damp and shaded  areas of the home are normally the most common places you will find mould. Some examples are, stairs,  outdoor awnings, outdoor furniture, paths, driveways, retaining walls, sandstone pillars, paving, roofs, timber decks just to name a few! Wet & Forget will kill the spores of the mould, over time the growth will decompose!  No more, pungent mould smells, No more dirty looking surfaces and No more Slippery surfaces!