Don't live with unsightly furniture and don't throw it away!!

Is the green growth and black mould making your outdoor furniture unpleasant to look at and unpleasant to sit on!! Wet & Forget can help clean your outdoor furniture.

It is suitable for most surface areas, plastic, wood, wrought iron, cane and stone to name a few. Simply spray it on the dry surface with a garden sprayer and leave, the weathering will do the rest! When applying to plastic furniture, spray and leave it 24 hours, long enough to kill the spores. Then thoroughly flush/wash the Wet & Forget residue off the surface. This is because the Wet & Forget won't soak into the plastic surface so when the water evaporates off, the raw concentrate is left on the plastic.

Black Mould on wood furniture will take some time to decompose. Once applied, leave a few weeks and brush the surface area with a stiff broom to loosen up the growth trapped within the grain of the wood/timber. The weathering will do the rest. It will take a good 4-6 months to fully decompose. Green slimy growth will decompose very quickly, up to 2 weeks!!

Save time and save money, apply Wet & Forget to your mouldy outdoor furniture and it will look like new again!